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S.No. Products Quantity
1 Manjishtha Capsules 1 Bottle (60 Capsules)
2 Pitta Shamank - 2 1 Bottle (60 Capsules)
3 Navkarshik Churna 1 Bottle (200gm)
4 Gandhak Rasayan 1 Bottle (120 Tablets)
5 Kaishore Guggul 1 Bottle (120 Tablets)
6 Neem Oil 2 Bottles (100ml each)
7 Royal Honey Shower Gel 1 Bottle (250ml)
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  • Totally herbal products
  • Give fantastic results
  • Supports body detoxification
  • Manufactured under the guidance of MD Ayurveda experts
  • Have no side effects
  • Detox the circulatory system
  • Pacifies aggravated dosha

Pack Description

Fish Odor Syndrome is also called trimethylaminuria which causes unpleasant fishy smell. Due to this unpleasant fishy smell it is called as Fish odour syndrome. The condition is termed to be genetic in modern times but ayurveda explains this condition simply due to the aggravation of pitta dosha in the body. The people suffering from this suffer a lot due to the foul smell which is coming from their own body and feels embarrassed many times. Even sometimes they lack a social circle as well. But with a Fish Odor Pack the situation can be controlled and things can be better. Fish Odor Pack has following herbal formulations:

Products Description

1. Manjishtha Capsules

Manjishtha Capsules are a single herbal formulation prepared using the standardised extract of Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia) only. The herb is a natural rakta shodhak as well. The herb is known to dissolve any type of obstruction in the blood flow as well. The capsules work really well as a detoxifying agent and are rich in nutrients as well. These ca[psules work in an excellent way to stop the fishy odour by pacifying the pitta dosha in the body. The herb is also used in the management of many skin problems as well. The capsules are free from any type of additives or fillers and have pure herb extract.

2. Pitta Shamak - 2

Pitta Shamak - 2 is a formulation for the shaman or pacification of pitta dosha. In fish odour syndrome  the credit for fishy smell goes to the aggravated pitta dosha in the body. That is, pacification of pitta is important and half of the problem can be solved. Pitta shamak has just two ingredients that are pit papda and patol which not only help in pitta pacification but also help in healing. Due to intake of pitta shamak the excess sweating resulted in the fishy odour also reduced and the condition stabilised on its own. This explains the importance of pitta shamak in this condition.

3. Navkarshik Churna

Navkarshik Churna is a preparation that has haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Vacha (Acorus calamus), amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Neem (Azadirachta indica), Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia) and many others as its ingredients. The Formulation is very useful in purification of blood and helps in reducing any kind of associated inflammation also. Mainly the formulation is given in fish odour syndrome to purify blood and also for the pacification of pitta dosha. It also has an immunomodulatory effect and enhances the metabolic rate too. The fishy smell in this condition is managed using this formulation.

4. Gandhak Rasayan

Gandhak Rasayan is a famous classical formulation and is quite popular for its effects. It is manufactured using shuddha gandhak (purified sulphur) only. Gandhak or purified sulphur is known to act on deeper dhatus and thus eliminates the vayadhi from its moola. The vyadhi in the human body only appears after accumulation of endotoxins. These toxins generally circulate in the circulatory system and accumulate in various parts of the body causing different conditions. Allover Gandhak is responsible for maintaining the lustre of the skin. Gandhak rasayan is a very great formulation and helps in body detoxification as well. The intensity of sweating in this case is much more and using gandhak also helps in decreasing excessive sweating. It also helps in cleansing the swedoveha srotas of the body. It also boosts immunity and enhances body's strength.

5. Kaishore Guggul

Kaishore Guggul is a classical formulation prepared using effective herbs. As the name suggest it has the guggul (Commiphora mukul), Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) , Vidang (Embelia ribes), Nisoth (Operculina Turpethum), Triphala , trikatu and some other herbs as its ingredients. Due to the presence of guggul the formulation helps in the cleansing of swedaveha srotas as well. The cleansing of these srotas is very important as accumulated endotoxins in this case result in fishy odour from the body when the person sweats. In addition it also helps in cleansing and detoxification of body circulation and hence helps well in this condition.

6. Neem Oil

Neem Oil is also a classical preparation that has only neem as its ingredient. The neem is known for its good effects on skin from quite a time now. Neem oil is recommended if many conditions and fish odour syndrome is one of them. The oil is generally applied over the floods of the body so that the floods don’t sweat much. The folds of body like underarms, pubic areas generally sweat a lot because of heat trapping there but using neem oil reduces that heat and decreases the amount of seating thus the fishy odour also reduces. Moreover, it is absorbed by the skin pores and thus also helps in cleansing the microchannels.

7. Royal Honey Shower Gel

Royal Honey Shower Gel is one of the best cosmetic products of Planet Ayurveda. The product differs from the shower gels which are available in the market due to its ingredients. The shower gel has ingredients like aloe vera and honey along with vitamin E that helps in detoxification of skin and microchannels from the outside. Moreover, aloe vera also provides a refreshing feel and tea tree extract helps in getting rid of foul smelling sweat. In addition, the product gives great results not only in fish odour syndrome but also in many other conditions as well.

Dosage / Usage

  1. Manjishtha Capsules - 1 capsule twice daily with warm water.
  2. Pitta Shamak - 2 - 1 capsule twice daily with warm water.
  3. Navkarshik Churna - 1 teaspoonful twice daily with warm water.
  4. Gandhak Rasayan - 2 tablets twice daily with warm water.
  5. Kaishore Guggul - 2 tablets twice daily with warm water.
  6. Neem Oil - For Local Application.
  7. Royal Honey Shower Gel - Use for bathing.

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