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1 Chandraprabha Vati 1 Bottle (120 Tablets)
2 Neuro Plan Syrup 3 Bottles (200 ml Each)
3 Brahmi Capsules 1 Bottle (60 Capsules)
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The bedwetting  which is also called the nighttime incontinence or nocturnal enuresis is an involuntary urination which is present at the time of sleep. Though the thing is common in toddlers, it is considered abnormal when you attain an age at which staying dry at night can be reasonable. Generally the cause of bedwetting is small bladder size, stress, fearful dreams, insecurity or neurological disorder. But with the bedwetting pack all of the causes can be eliminated. The bladder muscles become stronger, stress can be relieved, neurological factors can be eliminated and  sleep can be sound. The bedwetting pack is a combination of just three formulations which gives fantastic results.



Chandraprabha Vati is an effective classical preparation which is mentioned in Ayurvedic texts. The tablet has really great and effective results. Here the name of the formulation suggests that Chandra means moon and prabha means glow, so the literary meaning of chandraprabha is moonlight or moon glow. The formulation has  a positive effect on the body due to the presence of twenty three incredible ingredients. These ingredients  help in maintaining the health of all over the urinary tract and have its results in Urinary tract infection too. Chandraprabha vati is a tridosha balancer and an antispasmodic as well. As it has shilajit, guggul which helps in bedwetting successfully.


Neuro Plan Syrup is a liquid preparation manufactured  using brahmi, Mandukaparni, Shankhpushpi, Sonth, Jyotishmati, Ashwagandha, Bhojpatra, Madhuyashti, Maricha and pippali. This helps in relieving any kind of discomfort and relaxes your mind. The ingredients of this formulation have a very great effect on the brain and as well on the mind and it can help in any type of neurological disorder resulting in the bedwetting. This formulation helps in enhancing the neuron coordination   thus having great result in interruption in brain autoregulation. This formulation is a kind of boon for the whole nervous system and for brain health too. It improves energy in daytime and sleep at night time.


Brahmi Capsule is a formulation that is prepared using standardised extract of Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri). The capsules are totally vegetarian and do not have any kind of adulterants added in it.  Brahmi is known to have a very calming and relaxing effect on the brain. Once the brain is at a calm state it will definitely help in bedwetting which can be due to excess of vata dosha as well. Brahmi helps in anulomana of this vata dosha.  Moreover, it also helps in difficulties for retaining urine voluntarily  and also stabilises motor functioning. Due to its effect it helps in pacification of pitta dosha as well.  The Formulation stimulates brain cells and increases cognitive functioning. It also increases mental capabilities enormously.


  1. Chandraprabha Vati - 2 tablets twice daily with lukewarm water, after meals.
  2. Neuro Plan Syrup - 2 tsp. twice daily after meals.
  3. Brahmi Capsules - 1 capsule twice daily after meals.