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1 Royal Honey Shower Gel 1 Pack (250 ml)
2 Rose-Almond-Honey Cleansing Scrub 1 Pack (100 Gm)
3 Orange-Lemon Grass Premium Handmade Bathing Bar 1 Bar (125 Gm)
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  1. Royal Honey Shower Gel - Squeeze a small amount onto a wet body sponge or pouf. Work into a rich creamy lather and then rinse clean.
  2. Rose-Almond-Honey Cleansing Scrub - Mix a small quantity of scrub with a few drops of water on the palm of the hand, lightly massage on the skin surface, and then rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with an appropriate mask. Use twice a week.
  3. Orange-Lemon Grass Premium Handmade Bathing Bar - Wet skin with warm water, gently apply the soap over the facial skin as well as the whole body and then wash with water. This can be used every day for at least one to two times or can be repeated when required.