Colimin Drops (30 ml)

Rs. 60.00
Fulfilled By Planet Ayurveda

Size (Per Unit): 30 ml

Dosage: 4 to 6 drops 5 to 6 times a day for servere case or as directed by the Physician.



Each ml. contains

S. No. Herb Used Quantity
1. Black Salt (Sauvarchal lavana) 2 mg
2 Hingu Niryas (Ferula assafoetida) 1 mg
3. Saindhav Salt 1 mg
4. Nimbak Sat (Citrus acida) 1 mg
Extracts derived from
5. Shatpushpa Fruits (Anethum sowa) 4 mg
6. Elayachi Fruits (Elettaria cardamomum) 3 mg
7. Kachaka Seeds (Caesalpinia crista) 2 mg
8. Vacha Rhizomes (Acorus calamus) 1 mg
9. Khurasani Ajawayan Seeds (Hyoscyamus niger) 0.75 mg
10 Ativisha Roots (Aconitum heterophyllum) 0.50 mg
11. Flavoured Syrup base Q.S

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