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Every Batch Needs To Match - We're not baking cookies and cakes; we're making Ayurvedic herbal supplements. We do our own testing on every ingredient and every batch because consistency matters - and we want every capsule, tablet, and powder to be safe, pure, and effective. With 10,000+ quality control tests conducted annually, we promise to deliver reliable formulas to our patients. Our products are Non-GMO and Gluten Free.
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    Pilam Syrup (450ML)

    Rs. 250.00

    Vitam Syrup (200 ML)

    Rs. 150.00

    Daizam Syrup (450 ML)

    Rs. 230.00

    Tringasav Syrup (450 ML)

    Rs. 145.00

    Nephrol Tablets (100 Tabs)

    Rs. 95.00

    Neemelia Tablets (10 Tabs)

    Rs. 22.50

    MPIL I Drop (10ML)

    Rs. 50.00

    Rheuam Tablets (100 Tabs)

    Rs. 99.00

    Rheuam Capsules (60 Caps)

    Rs. 240.00

    Rheuam Syrup (450ML)

    Rs. 230.00

    Raulin Capsules (60 Caps)

    Rs. 150.00

    Phylaxis Tablets (60 Tabs)

    Rs. 315.00

    Nephrol Syrup (450ML)

    Rs. 290.00

    Nephrol Syrup (200ML)

    Rs. 190.00

    Amlax Tablets (100 Tabs)

    Rs. 60.00

    Diaron Tablets (100 Tabs)

    Rs. 55.00

    Daizam Syrup (200ML)

    Rs. 140.00

    MPIL Calam Tablets (100 Tabs)

    Rs. 70.00
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