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Pack Size: 450ml

Dosage: 15 - 25 ml once or twice daily, after food or as directed by an Ayurvedic doctor.


Vidangarisht is an Ayurvedic preparation which is available in syrup or decoction form. It contains an extract of various herbs. The formulation is potent enough to pacify all three doshas and gives very good results in parasitic infestation in intestines. It is called as Arishta in Ayurveda and it hasVidanga as its key ingredient along with other herbs. The vidangarisht is basically a vermifuge which means it is used to destroy and expel parasitic intestinal worms and prevents recurrence of worm infestations. The decoction also has laxative properties.


  • The formulation can be given in children as well as in adults.
  • It is to be given under expert advice.
  • In lactating and pregnant women its use must be done with Ayurvedic expert advice.