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Dosage: 3gm - 6gm once or twice a day or as directed by the physician with Cow’s ghee, Mishri or as according to the disease.


Kapardak bhasma is also known as kapardika bhasma, cowrie bhasma, Kaudi bhasma, and varatika bhasma. Kapardak bhasma has Katu (pungent) and tikta (bitter) rasa, Laghu (light), rooksha (dry) and theekshana guna (Sharp), ushna veerya (hot potency), Katu vipaka (Result after digestion) and mainly pacifies vata and kapha dosha.


  • Store it in a cool and dry place
  • Keep it away from the children
  • Avoid giving in pregnancy or lactation
  • Always take after consulting an Ayurvedic physician

This is pure classical Ayurvedic medicine and should be strictly consumed only after prescription of an Ayurvedic doctor and to be taken under medical supervision only.